Organic Production


Our core strength in reaching the present levels had been our direct association with the farmers. A thought of giving something back to nature, and enabling the farmer more sustainable. We have integrated backwards to connect directly with the farmer in a professional manner. Our team is always in the field maintaining farmer data, training them, and progressing towards certifying our group as Organic.

With 3 groups of more than 1000 farmers & 800 hectares of land under this project, we are growing towards an exponential growth in this segment. This would surely help the farmer in his development wherein he is being trained for the best recoveries, he fetches a better price & the customer gets the most pure Organic Certified product from a genuine source.

From year 2017 onwards, our farmer group has started delivering Organic Certified Products which are further processed in our plant which is also Certified as per NPOP, NOP and EU standards by ECOCERT. We can now very confidently offer pure and natural mint oils with traceability upto the farmer, his field with GPS co-ordinates as well.

Apart from our regular range of mint products, we are also venturing into other products like Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Finger, Turmeric Powder, Moringa Powder and more products to be added in future.

Our Organic Certifications

  • Organic USDA
    Organic USDA

  • Ecocert

  • India Organic
    India Organic